It is Challenging to Break Through the World of Copyediting

My Name is Entry Level

Entry level copyediting is like climbing the tallest mountain in the planet. Imagine starting over at 42 with a new career and finding out that the field you chose is not easy to step into. When searching for a job opportunity, all the qualifications require at least 2 years of experience. Having experience is hard to obtain when you have no experience to start with. So, how do you gain experience?

When you are first starting out and almost have a year of experience, but not quite a full year, the frustration becomes a passion of applying to one job after another. Even if the pay is minimal YOU WANT THAT EXPERIENCE.

Practice, Practice, and More Practice

Reach to the Mountain Top

Ok, enough complaining. When you are trying to break down the door of the copyediting world, practice writing as much as you can. Write blogs, edit, proofread copy, reach out for further professional development. Do whatever you can to get a hold of that experience, which is still like climbing a mountain. But, once you get to the top do not let the gift of writing slip through your fingers. Break down the door of the editing world: As a woman the battle becomes even more difficult.

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