I am a Struggling Editor who now is Trying to Make it as a Teacher

My work has slowed down. I work for a tech company, but now it is either feast or famine. I started out years ago as a teacher, and now I am finding I have to dive back into another job of years past to get extra income. Because of Covid-19, my work has really slowed down. So, teaching is once again like a familiar friend I can fall back on.

Who am I?

Hello, I am an army wife who is trying desperately to make extra income. Times are tough I know, but when I find myself struggling with money because we are basically on one income, it gets really real and raw. I am really appreciative that he is in the army right now, but it is tough. I have three kids under ten.

They are the joy of my life, and at the end of the day I feel crazy tired but happy I might of just for a moment inspire my kids today, taught them about faith, hope, and love, and taking care of the earth and their bodies.

If any of you want to Reasonably invest in your Child’s at-home Education that Involve Simple but Guided Lessons with Fun Activities, seek the Lesson Below: We are in This Together as well as their Education:


Outschool Online Education:



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